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About Us


Smaran’s (meaning Retention) goal is to reach as many art lovers as possible and have them take away good memories. Smaran Performing Arts is a Bharatanatyam  dance ensemble. 


Smaran Performing Arts  was founded in 2011 by Vidyalatha Jeerage to promote and nurture classical art forms and to encourage more talented dancers in the area to showcase their talent. It is currently based in Santa Clara, California.


Today, Smaran ensemble has more than70 trained and auditioned Bharatanatyam dancers. Dancers come from various cultural backgrounds and have been trained under different Gurus including Vidyalatha Jeerage.






Smaran collaborates with a number of eminent artists, musicians, and theatre persons from India to create unique dance experiences. So far, Smaran has presented various dance productions/shows and has been also able to raise funds for various Non-Profit Organizations through its productions.

Organizing Team: 

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