Smaran Performing Arts is proud to present 6th, SMARAN DANCE FESTIVAL 2019. We are very proud to be associated with Remalaya, our non profit partner. 

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Free admission for children under 2, but Children who need seating must purchase tickets.

Segment 1:  2.30pm - Solo Performances by all our selected Performers 


Segment 2: 4.30pm onwards - Smaran Award - 


Short Break


Segment 3: 5.45pm - The Earth Speaks 

Event Schedule:


The Earth Speaks  


by Jyotsna Vaidee and team

"The Earth Speaks" has been conceptualized by accomplished dancer Jyotsna Vaidee, the Artistic Director of the company Samudra Dance Creations.  She has collaborated some of Bay Area's best artists, we have 5 dancers and 6 musicians and a spoken word poet to bring this production to life


The Earth Speaks is a unique and completely original dance-theatre -spoken word poetry production that reflects upon our interconnectedness to nature and the impact of climate change.  A thought provoking and fun show appropriate for all ages.

This is a story of a woman, who is a metaphor for the earth.  What would she say to all that is happening around her and to her with climate change!   We have collaborated with Bay Area's best Indian Classical musicians and western musicians (yes, that's right) and poets to create this original and unique work.

Bay Area Talents

Urmila Vudali
Shreeya Indap
Trina Sarkar
Anupama Mayooranathan
Neeharika Chenna
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