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Smaran Kala Awards

Smaran Performing Arts started a humble tradition this Smaran Dance Festival (2018) to honor the great savants ho have devoted their life to promote Indian classical dance. This is a token of appreciation -  a “Thank you” - for their invaluable service, their time, dedication and contribution.

Every individual that has chosen to immerse himself or herself in the field of dance is driven by an entirely different set of compulsions. Some have made this their profession and some want to discover themselves through this divine art form

While we’d love to honor several Gurus and Artists that have made and are making innumerable contributions to the field of Classical Indian dance, we are honoring one individual at a time, starting this year.

Our first Award "Smaran Kala Kaushala" is for the Gurus or a performing artists for their outstanding dedication to the field of arts.

Second Award is "Smaran Kala Spoorthi" is dedicated to Bay Area artists who have vowed their lives to dance, without any expectations from the society. These artists do not worry about success or failure, They are simply focused on challenging their own selves and excelling. These artists are truly inspirational to anyone, for they show what it is to be selfless and reap the fruit of pure bliss of dance. Excellence

Third Award is "Smaran Kala Thapasvi" , for individual who have selflessly assist Artists. A crucial part of a live performance happens behind the scenes, both before a production is mounted and during its run. A performer has no stage to dance or no way to shine without the Running Crew- Stage, Stage management, lighting, sound, wardrobe... only if all of these come together in perfect harmony can a performer come to light.

Starting this year 2018, we wish to offer an Award not just to kings but also kingmakers whose discipline is what brings an order during any event.  

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