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"Kindly be advised that the seat color coding functions as a reference guide for our event. However, seat numbers cannot be selected and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis on the event day"


The Bengaluru-based Punyah Dance comprising Adithya PV, Shruti Gopal and Parshwanath S Upadhye, present a fascinating set of dance pieces showcasing two very different schools, styles and themes.

The event will begin with “ABHA” – a re-telling of the Hindu epic Ramayana, with recorded voice and instrumental orchestra. ABHA doesn’t follow the conventional way of storytelling. The production incorporates pieces such as varnam, padam and thillana, resembling a margam with each expounding certain segments from the Ramayana. Although the segments do not tell the story in sequential order, when presented all together it is an intriguing finished puzzle.


The elements of this story are familiar to most audiences, so Punyah focuses on distinctive moments and sentiments. The choreography is a strong point throughout the recital, and the trio presents it with precision and coordination. Both Parshwanath and Adithya bring in lot of masculine energy and Sruti dances to her strength in emphasizing the feminine aspects.  There are instances of beautiful imaginative sequences that further embellish the narrative of the Ramayana. Altogether – a vibrant performance.

Next, they will present  “NAGA MANDALA”, a 50-minute performance in the Karnataka folk style of Gigi Pada. Here the dancer becomes the narrator and actor and tells the story of a woman who, spurned by the disinterest of her husband, searches for a potion that would bring him back to her. The potion accidently falls on an anthill and the serpent (naga) living within falls in love with her and treats her as a queen. Does she stay with him or go back to her husband as society demands? Punyah brings its trademark full bodied magical style – a flower caught in a beam of golden light, fingers twirling in an ephemeral glow, sinuous arms and torso metamorphosing into the Naga. Bodies dance singly or come together to depict what relationships look and feel like. Naga Mandala is written by Shri. Girish Karnad.

ABHA(A re-telling of Ramayana) & NAGAMANDALA 

ABHA & NAGAMANDALA by Smaran Performing Arts.png

Tickets are all on Early Bird Sale till Sep 15th.

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