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Workshop by Parshwanath Upadhye, Shruthi & Abithya























Workshop Highlights:

1. Body Conditioning and Postures:

Parshwanath will guide participants through a series of body conditioning exercises specifically tailored for Bharatanatyam. Learn how to improve your flexibility, strength, and control to enhance your overall performance.

2. Characterization and Perspectives:

Explore the fascinating world of characterization in Bharatanatyam. Gain insights into how different perspectives can add depth and authenticity to your dance expressions, allowing you to truly embody the characters you portray.

3. Composition Breakdown:

In this workshop, a composition will be taught, providing a comprehensive breakdown of various facets such as lyrics, intention, choreography, and execution. Understand the nuances behind each element and learn how they contribute to creating a captivating performance.

4. Abhinaya Practice:

Delve into the concept of practice with respect to Abhinaya (expressional storytelling). Discover techniques for conveying emotions effectively through facial expressions, hand gestures (mudras), and body language - essential skills for any Bharatanatyam dancer.

5. Learn an Item: (Intermediate and Advance Level)

Participants will have the opportunity to learn one item chosen by Parshwanath himself. Experience his expert guidance as he takes you through the intricacies of the chosen piece, ensuring that you develop a strong foundation in its execution.

Studio Recorded Music: (Intermediate and Advance Level)

To further support your learning journey beyond the workshop, participants will receive studio-recorded music at the end of the session.

Advance Level Master Class is for Solo performers (post Arangetram) and teachers.

Private and Semi Private classes for Advance and Intermediate levels, click on the buttons to register.

Limited spots are available, so secure your place now and embark on a transformative Bharatanatyam experience with Parshwanath, Shruthi Gopal and Adithya.

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South Bay Workshop



Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA)
6148 Bollinger Road,
San Jose, CA 95129

East Bay workshop

(East bay location will be confirmed only after having minimum number of entries) 

East Bay.png

Location: Nritanjali Dance Academy

5018 Mowry Ave Fremont, CA 94538



* All participants are expected to come on time  

* Girls can either wear a Practice saree or a comfortable salwar with

dupatta and Bhindi and Boys can wear comfortable traditional attire 

* Studio recorded music will be provided for all participants.

* Parents or visitors will not be allowed during the workshop sessions.

* Participants are not allowed to take any Photograph and video recording during workshop. Smaran will share the pics and videos to all participants at the end of the workshop. 

* Mobile phone must be either turned off or in silence mode while the workshop is in progress.

* Participants are encouraged to get your own water bottles and light Snacks.


Refund Policy and Missed classes:


*No refunds or credits are provided for absences or withdrawal.

*Last minute cancellation will not be encouraged.

*Refund will be provided only if you withdraw within 24 hours after registration.

*No exceptions will be provided. 


Smaran Performing Arts reserve rights to use photographs and Videos of participants recorded during workshop for marketing purposes.

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